Monday 13 April 2009

Oh the irony

Thank you for all your suggestions. I shall be looking into them forthwith. I will reply to the kind emails I received fifthwith. Thank you!

I went into the garden with my blow torch and a tampon this morning with every intention of setting it alight and saying a few choice words to the gods of menstruation, conception, fertility and timing. But there was a couple on the next doors roof garden staring at me so I chickened out.

I went out with no tampons, my best knickers on and a carefully cultivated devil-may-care attitude this afternoon. Pah.

I'm planning a hot night of passion... not tonight, the thought of "getting busy" and my bloggy friends knowing what we're doing might be a passion killer.

It might seem to you that I'm overly concerned about this glitch in my cycle so let me explain. I've been as regular as clockwork since my periods started waaaaaay back when. The only other time I missed a period I was pregnant with our sweet George. I'm 41, 42 in July and the alarm is going off. We took a month off to get used to making love without trying to make a baby again and if the gods of irony are reading... boooooo to you!

Day 36 and counting.


  1. I can just see you with the tampon and blow torch. I think you should invite the whole neighborhood to the tampon bbq! Imagine how much your neighbors would love you then! (Of course, they'd probably want to have you committed too...)

  2. I had enough odd looks from Ray...

  3. Too funny... thanks for the chuckle.

  4. Tampon and blow torch...that made me laugh!!

    But seriously, I hope your period arrives soon for you.

  5. Here's hoping you get to "Surf the Crimson Wave" soon.

  6. Yet another reason why I love you, Barbara!

    If you ever do torch one, promise you'll take a picture of the blaze.

  7. your neighbours prevented you from the devil dance!

    Hey, I am nonplussed...just keep us posted on what happens next to the red crooner...



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