Saturday 18 April 2009

Falling in love all over again...

...watching Ray gently playing with our two kitties... *sigh* I can't quite explain it; it's the tenderness I think and somehow I see the father he would have been... will be... and it brings me to tears of love.

Our kittens arrived yesterday afternoon. In three days they discovered three new places (my brothers flat, my Mum and Dad's flat and our house.) They wondered at first if they were stopping or moving on again but finding a dirt tray and plenty of food they thought they might as well settle and proceeded to scatter toys and bits of paper all over the living room. They spent the night under the stairs snuggled into Ray's work Parka and at 7.30 I let them into the bedroom where they killed the duvet and various socks. We have a brother and sister and we will be watching them very carefully as they grow and neutering them when they are old enough.

I apologise in advance for the hundreds of kittiepics that you will be bombarded with over the coming months... they are soooooo sweet!

Meet Frank. (named by me)

Frank is the quintessential bachelor boy about town with the cutest pink nose in the world.

He enjoys scrunched up pieces of paper and diving onto his sister when she is trying to use the dirt tray. He likes to sleep next to a human ear. And that cat in the mirror keeps on looking...

Frank is a little shy and is easily lead.

Frank says "30000eeeeeeee3eeeeeeeerrr22222222222222222222256"

Meet Missy (named by Ray)

Missy is an explorer par excellence with the sweetest whitest whiskers in the world.

Missy is the first to try something and she is the boss. She is more gentle with her humans than Frank and doesn't try to rip their hands to shreds.

She enjoys rustly plastic bags and hissing at Frank. She likes to sleep near to a human elbow.

Missy says, "uuuuudddddsssssssssddddd"

I like kittens ears.

Frank shows my slipper who's the boss and Missy shows Frank who's really the boss.

Missy and Frank clean the dust from behind the door...
these cats are really going to show us up!

They have taken over our house and our hearts. As I type this Frank is snuggled up on Ray's shoulder and Missy is wedged in beside me twitching in a dream of dangly, twitchy, scrunchy, chasey things.

I look at these kittens and wonder if they would still be with us if we had George with us. Probably not. We were planning on getting a cat at some point but when we got pregnant we put it on hold.

How things change.

I hope these kitties get to meet George's sister or brother one day in the not too distant future.

Then we'll be a proper family of 5!


  1. Awwww...Missy and Frank are so cute! How can anybody not adore them??!!!

    You know I had a cat when I was growing up. She adopted us, rather than the other way round. And Missy looks like her...


  2. I love knowing they are loved... I know about the pics..I'm having a hard time holding back, but ours aren't really moving yet - soon- very soon.

  3. Welcome Frank & Missy! As I said before, I am a strong believer that kittens very well may be the answer to all life's problems. Enjoy enjoy enjoy! xoxo

  4. Frank and Missy look adorable, and loads of fun.

  5. I am in love w/these cutie pies!! What cute little faces, oh the pink nose is so adorable. So sweet to hear about Ray's gentle side, thanks.

  6. So adorable! Congrats on beautiful Missy and Frank (love the names!)

    Looking forward to watching them grow.

  7. Oh I want one!!!! I want to come over for kitty cuddles!

  8. Frank and Missy are adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  9. There adorable! Congratulations!

  10. I'm in love, what a fabulous new addition! Well done on getting them at the same time as well. Good move.

  11. They are so cute! I look forward to many pictures and kitten stories as they grow up!

    Congratulations on Frank and Missy!

  12. aaaawwww. Kitties love paperbags...



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