Sunday 19 April 2009

Frank and Missy say...

Frank says, "If my name is Frank why do you keep calling me Little Fellah?"


"Look, either I'm Frank or Fellah. It's not rocket science... jeez and I thought humans were supposed to be smart. In fact I'm not sure I like either of them"

Well what do you prefer?

"I don't know do I? I'm a kitten for goodness sake; I don't have the capacity for rational thought. Do you always talk to yourself?"

Missy says, "I don't think my name suits me either and when I heard Dad say it sounded like the name an old lady would give to her silly handbag dog well... I was quite offended.

He didn't think you were listening.

"Well of course I wasn't. I'm a kitten for goodness sake, I don't understand the nuances of the English language, I can barely understand the word 'No'. Sheesh, I thought you humans were intelligent."

*sigh* back to the drawing board.

When when when we have a live-baby-in-our-arms I hope it doesn't take this long to name him or her. We didn't have a name picked out for George, lots of possibilities but no name, well we had plenty of time... When I cried for our tiny dead baby to have a name, Ray chose. And he chose well.


  1. My kitties would like to recommend "Sam" and "Sasha" for excellent feline names ;)

    From the behavior displayed in the photos very suitable names would be "Sleepy Snugglebug One" and "Sleep Snugglebug Two"

  2. Cats are damn smart - don't be fooled! In fact one day I think they might take over the world - they have us humans sussed out for sure. Sheesh they are cute though....

  3. I like Fellah, hmm, she looks like a Sheba. Our cat is named Abigail, she has alot of nicknames, Abby Dabby, Princess Buttonface, Butter.

  4. Well - if you get an abundance of ideas...send your overflow my way. I'm stumped - need five names....aargh - and don't want them resenting us - no way!

  5. Oh Barb, they are just such cuties! While I like human names for pets, we have two cats called Mars and Saturday. Mars is after the bar I met my husband in (trashy, I know), which was called Mars Lounge.
    Saturday is because everybody loves Saturday, and this is so true of my furry baby. Take your time, you'll find the right thing.

  6. I think that Alfonze and Freda would suit them down to the ground. I am prepared to be shot down with that suggestion. I think that naming a pet is a very personal thing.

    My favourite cats of the past had names of;
    Tilly (female very good mouser, known to catch baby bunnies and would take on a dog if it set foot on the property)
    Bill (not male I found out after at least 5 years, loved a chat in "Cat" of course)
    Echo (tri-colour tortie, a real scaredy cat, always thinking there was something behind her).
    From the Hairy McLary and Catflaps series;
    Scarface Claw
    Slinky Malinki
    Mushroom MacGee
    Pimpernell Pugh

  7. I think George is a beautiful name. Well chosen indeed.



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