Saturday 4 April 2009


We didn't do much today, we shopped for groceries, I tried out my blow torch and managed to mangle a bit of silver, (need more practice and a better hotter torch!) and I wondered if my period will show up tomorrow.

No, I'm not pregnant, absolutely 100% sure I'm not, we've been careful this month. Very careful. We gave ourselves some time to learn how to enjoy sex again before diving onto the baby making merry-go-round. 'nuf said.

Last months period was lighter, this month seems later. I know things change after pregnancy but I hope not too much as I have always been irritatingly regular. I have an irrational fear of early menopause and I'm trying to relax for the moment and see what happens.

Any ideas?

And today's random old photo.

My Grandfather, far right, looking a little uncomfortable. I have absolutely no idea what is going on here and neither does my Mum (her Dad). I try to make up stories for this photo but it just doesn't make sense!


  1. Changes in your period after pregnancy and during stress are really common. I hope your period gets regular soon.
    Cool picture of your Grandpa.

  2. My cycle has been all over the place for the most part since my delivery...its only the last couple months that it finally seems to be evening doctor said this is completely normal. love the pic!

  3. "time to learn how to enjoy sex again"
    Man! THIS I hate. I don't want to think about my dead son when I am trying to get romantic with my hubby. It makes me feel weird. But I have noticed lately that I need to LEARN how to enjoy it again and not think, and dwell, and panick in the middle of it. :s

  4. "Beige... I think I'll paint the ceiling beige.."

    When you get to this stage, Barb, don't panic... it's part of the new normal (and great when you can have a laugh about it with other babyloss mama's!!)


  5. Mine seemed to get heavier, go figure? Just keep doing what you're doing Barb, as I'm sure you are headed in the right direction.

  6. Good for you. I think it is so important to learn to "connect" again. Easier said than done - but it's fun trying.

    Cool picture!

  7. The photo is so funny! Definitely looks like there is a story behind it but I couldn't begin to guess either. Wait, I can guess - was he in a play?

    You have such a good idea to enjoy intimacy with your hubby again before trying to conceive. If you get really concerned about menopause you can ask your doctor to test your hormone levels. Most likely the results will provide some piece of mind.

  8. You know, I suspect that if you were in early menopause they would have picked it up with all the blood tests they've been doing, so I'm voting for all over the place being normal.

    As to the picture, which I also love, I'm guessing fancy party with costumes and props!

  9. I'm horribly irregular. No advice here. But our RE tells us that changes in cycles are very normal.



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