Wednesday 1 April 2009

I used to be blonde

Guess who got a new scanner? (after thinking about it for years and finally taking my old printer to the recycling centre) Be prepared to be bombarded with photos of my early years.

This photo brings such raw feelings to the surface.
In that other reality I'm breast feeding my own baby.

My Dad's Mom. Nanny Boucher.

Three generations. Mum, my Nanny Rose in the middle-ground and me in the background. My Nan looked ill here and she died young just a few years later at 67.

Damn I was cute!

Ladies, I am fine after yesterday's meeting. I'm slowly letting go of my anger at the way I have been treated at my workplace because it's the only way I can go. To hang on to it won't help my healing or my mood or Ray and it would slowly eat away at my life. It sparks every so often but I'm learning to release it.

In the end it really doesn't matter.

I think it's called acceptance.


  1. Cute indeed. I love the one of you and your Nanny walking hand in hand.

  2. You're so cute! Still are! Good to hear you are letting go of the anger. Now I will try and do that myself...

  3. You were a beautiful kid! Love the three-g pic!

    Powerful: "In the end it really doesn't matter."

  4. Oh how true! and the photos of you? so evocative and beautiful. Thank you for sharing xxx

  5. Cute then, and cute now! :)

    The letting go of the anger, hard to do, but worth it. I hope you feel relief.


  6. Adorable pics...thanks for sharing.

    I think that's one of the most important lessons our babies taught us...most of this shit doesn't matter at all.

    Still, i'm still brewing a bit at that evil area manager.


  7. Barb,

    Have a look at Seraphim's blog x

  8. How cute you were!!! What an adorable little girl!

    It's good to let the anger go. As my hubby says, the only person anger hurts is you. (That being said, I still have a mean Irish temper at times!)

  9. You are so adorable, just beautiful. Your Mum and Nanny too. Thanks so much for sharing, Barbara. To let go is a wonderful gift.

  10. Awww, you were a very cute kid!

    It took me so long to take steps towards letting things go. I'm still practicing it but so far it does help! Good for you for realizing you need to let go of the anger.



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