Monday 20 April 2009

Mish mash

Our dad made us a really cool fort.

Our dad is really cool.

Still no progress with the names, thank you for your suggestions. Why do I have to keep on seeing the dad that might have been/could be when Ray plays with or talks to a kitten??? It's quite distracting.

Still no sight of the missing period, <.sarcastic tone.> thank you oh gods of menstruation, this is payback for all the years when I didn't want a period isn't it, hmm? Now I'm wondering if I just skipped one and ovulated a few days ago and hey, maybe I'm pregnant and in a week and a half when my period would be due; it won't turn up... ah ha ha ha... my humour just cracks me up sometimes. <./sarcastic tone.>

And finally. We went over Dartmoor today and found a bit that we hadn't been to before. There's so much space up there and the wild peace and beauty of the place blows the stress from your head. In a couple of months it will be heaving with tourists and we'll probably hibernate in our garden for a while!

The sound on my camera is baaaad and that's the wind you can hear and not my heavy breathing and if you're wondering where Ray is hiding well, he's right behind me... all the way round.


  1. Good luck w/the names for your Lil Wee Beasties. I love the video, sigh, so beautiful. How I wish we had teleporters like St*r Trek.

  2. Damn tourists! That was me a few years back.
    Sorry your period has not showed up yet. That is totally sucky.
    And yes, very cool fort. Go Ray!!

  3. Some tourists are more welcome than others!


  4. Your new kittys are gorgeous Barb and I am not even a cat person!

    I loved the footage! What a beautiful place. Wish I was there with you and Ray.

    Sorry I haven't been in here lately - you are always in my thoughts :)

    Love to you xxxxxxxx

  5. Think positive. :) (sarcastic) Maybe the gods have a funny sense of humor and you really are PG.

    What a gorgeous picture. I'm so jealous of your scenery.

  6. What gorgeous footage... glad you found it! Good luck with the names... the kitty's are adorable.

    Hang in there...



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