Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Our holiday season

On Christmas day, before a lovely lunch with my parents and brother, we went in search of adventure
(and non-icy roads).

We found a little bit of peaceful.

 A little bit of snow on the beach.

And a little palm tree in the snow.

Ray had fun making handbrake turns on the ice and sliding around the car park. I didn't close my eyes and hang on for dear life, no of course not. I loved every second of sliding uncontrollably around a frozen car park so I did.


 On Boxing day, before braving the family party, we went in search of snow and solitude.
We found the snow but unfortunately so did every one else so there was very little solitude.
We found beauty however.
Dartmoor ponies in the snow.

Blue sky for a blue Christmas.

Same spot, different direction.

The family thing was good...
ie I didn't run screaming from the room at the sight of a pregnant woman.

But it was good to get home.


Our kittehs are stuffed with turkey, beef and bacon leftovers. They quite like Christmas.
(I had nut roast and veggie sausages; they weren't interested in my leftovers)

We I provide lots of soft cosy woolly things for our cats to sleep on under the radiator but of course they prefer a plastic bag containing a back massage cushion or dangling off a hard shelf to anything a human could come up with...


Yeah, Ray loves being in a photo just as much as me. That's a smile not a grimace. 
Oh but it was cooold.


  1. What beautiful pictures! Happy holidays!

  2. Always love your photo posts. Lovely.

  3. wonderful pics. thanks for sharing.

    glad you had some peace.

    and those kitties - they are too much!

  4. oh wow snow on the beach? that is amazing (to me)! How beautiful. It doesn't snow here...ever!



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