Wednesday 22 December 2010

Jingle bloody bells

It's everywhere.

You can't turn on the radio to listen to the snow/traffic reports without hearing something "festive" blaring at you. If I hear "fairytale of new york" one more time because it's "alternative" I might just explode.

As you might guess, I am not a great fan of Christmas music, in fact I'm not much of a fan of Christmas at all, not being religious and all that, and goodness I really don't enjoy worshipping at the altar of consumerism. Being buffeted along the street by panic shoppers when all you need is some bread is just so not fun.

After losing George I was even less interested in the whole thing, and as this year I was meant to be heavy with child, well, it's all even more of a bah humbug sort of thing.

But then this song came on the radio the other morning and it made me feel a little... umm... twinkly... so I thought that I must share it with you.

Listen to the second song, "Carol of the bells" you might like the others but this version of that song is something quite special. I think. I might even turn on the fairy lights.



  1. I love that Carol of the Bells. Beautiful. xo

  2. brilliant!!

    Yes to being tired of the endless stream of same old, same old stuff blaring over the speakers everywhere. I feel so sorry for the people working in shops and having to listen to some of the seasonal garbage since the middle of November!

  3. This one has always been my favorite.

  4. glad you found a little twinkle to assuage your bah humbug.

    And those a great songs.

    I wish you a miracle - any day not just xmas! (we won't be picky)



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