Thursday, 23 December 2010


I mean, oh great... no... I mean, how wonderful, can't wait to congratulate them.

Ray's two sisters both have children but none of his three younger brothers do... did. He was going to be the first of the "male side of the family" to have children. Now it will be the next youngest brother. 4 months. They didn't tell us, they were worried about telling us. I'm worrying about seeing them on Boxing day at his Mum's.

Why can't it be us.

Sometimes I think I might explode.


  1. I'm so sorry that you have to face this - and I understand the title of this post too - happy for them, sad for us. That's how it goes for us.

    I SO very much want it to be YOU.

  2. :( ((((((Ray and Barbara)))))))

    And I got the package! Thank you soooo much! I haven't been able to sneak away from Triple S yet to ope and wrap it up...

  3. Pfft to them!!! In the nicest possible way of course - well, I can say it because I don't know them ;) but yes, happy for them = soooo much sadder for us (you).

    Wishing you strength for seeing them. And wishing you a gentle Christmas first up.

    <3 George <3

    <3 Little Poppet <3

  4. Sweetie I'm so sorry. This really, really stings. This time of year makes it so much worse.
    Big hugs.

  5. Just like Sally says above - this stings. A lot. Big hugs.

  6. My aunt- who wasn't trying to have a baby, and who is my AUNT, for cripe's sake- had a baby the day before Thanksgiving. They live 20 minutes away. I still haven't been able to get myself over there. I hear you, sweetie. Wishing you some brightness in the holiday, and always remembering George and Little P.

  7. it's not fair. it shouldn't be this way.
    i'm thinking of you honey x

  8. I've been off the blogs for ages and I'm devastated to hear about Little Poppet. And this post makes my heart ache for you and your husband. I wish you peace and strength to face your family. Remembering your George and sending you love.

  9. oh, happysad. Happysad indeed. Some pregnancies I can manage. Others, man, they sting. I am so sorry this sting comes at a tough time of the year as well. Hugs to you and Ray, Barbara.



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