Sunday, 12 December 2010

Five good things

A brand new magnifying work lamp ordered, from Mum and Dad to me for Christmas (and delivered the next day).

Finally... finally, some concrete going down outside our back door. Half done Friday, the rest on Monday. No more twisted ankles on the rubble.

A morning coffee with my Mum after a little shopping.

Cinnamon apple pie bars.

The satisfaction of two jewellery orders finished and posted.


  1. The back basement room being cleaned out...

    A cold, rainy nap afternoon.

    Friends coming to visit in a few days.

    Homemade chocolate covered cherries!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A cleaned out fish tank (and not cleaned out by me!).

  2. Sunshine.
    Christmas shopping almost finished.
    Yummy leftovers from a party yesterday that should keep us going all week.
    A sleep in today, in relative terms (6.30am).
    The smell of a fresh Christmas tree in our lounge room. Piney fresh!

  3. Snow - and no where to go!
    Cookie baking
    Last day at my part time job
    Feeling a wee bit of holiday spirit
    Oh! And I am guessing that your fifth thing might be coming my way!

  4. Two weeks of interviews down, one to go.

    Finished a horrible work chore that was hanging over my head for months.

    Going out for a real-live movie date.

    Getting some answers, or at least a thoughtful recommendation.

    Remembering to pause and be grateful.



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