Sunday, 5 December 2010

Five good things

Being up on the moors, Ray driving narrow lanes in the snow, in a traffic jam of 2 cars and a herd of 14 cows.

Chips with salt and vinegar, wrapped in paper and eaten by the sea on a blustery day.

Deciding that I need to think differently about pregnancy and babies and almost getting there (work in progress).

Finding the "perfect" small Christmas tree for my Mum and Dad .

More sex: there are good things about trying again you know. *blush*

What good things found you this week?


  1. Oooh I love your number two.
    I have a fish and chips good things of my own.
    1. It was too hot too cook a few nights back, so we walked up to the shops, got fish and chips, two beers and sat in a park and at them.
    2. My veggie garden going crazy with all the heat and rain we've had.
    3. First steps.
    4. Christmas shopping online. No shops for me this year!
    5. Summer in general. Love this time of year and it is nice to have a little bit of joy here this year amidst the sorrow.

  2. One week of endless interviewing down with no major mishaps
    My grandmother joining Facebook
    Figuring out a way through a project I was dreading
    Holiday lights
    Finding a Chanukah present that Alan will love, and tearing the ad out of the paper before he could see it.

  3. The second on your list is how this American girl romanticizes life on the English wonderfully different than life on the Western Coast of the U.S.

    1. Lots of job interviews.
    2. Thinking about moving to a new neighborhood.
    3. Watching the birds go crazy after I've filled their feeder.
    4. Playing with my nieces.
    5. Warm baths.

  4. Sunday Afternoons where I have lots I can do but nothing I MUST do.

    Snickerdoodles out of the oven.

    An honest, good, from-the-gut belly laugh.

    Dogs being naughty but so cute you can't help but get over them being naughty!

    Husband making delicious smelling Butter Chicken for dinner...and it almost being ready!


  5. Your number 2 is rather popular :) It reminded me of hot chip butties after a big night out in the UK! :)

    1. Last night's roast chicken dinner with salad YUM!
    2. Two days of NO rain, after six days of constant rain causing so much icky, sticky, slippery red mud!!
    3. Shane finally 'getting' it and getting me out of the house for an afternoon drive and a thai green curry on the way home!!
    4. The SIDS memorial service yesterday - beautiful though teary, as always...
    5. the cool breeze coming in through the glass sliding door from the lounge to the balcony...

    Hugs Barb!! x

  6. Barb, you blog is getting x-rated ;)

    re #1, today in the warm shower I was daydreaming of visiting GB, seeing Harry Potter locales and going to wherever it is that you live 'cause you always post awesome pics!

    wow- reading thru everyone else's five good things - i can find some things I would like to do (like snickerdoodles might happen this week!) And I am going to steal some too for my list:

    1. online shopping!!
    2. Carols in the Garden - in four part harmony!
    3. leftover turkey for dinner (no cooking and I luv turkey!)
    4. Watching the Harry Potter series again in preparation for going to see the latest installment in the theater, when my sis is here over the holidays (we need a babysitter!)
    5. I have been enjoying Bea's new-found appetite for real food - the faces crack me up - and she has become a voracious eater, and a bit adventurous so far she likes everything - and I have been spicing her food.

  7. LOL at what you wrote for s#x.

    Five good things...

    Craving and finding tangerines and oranges in the local market.

    Cooking two chicken dishes that turned out marvelous.

    Feeling palm shocked by the thud of somebody inside.

    Relaxed days.

    Realizing what I basically think like also translates in the way I play games.

  8. dammit I really fancy some chips now lol!
    1. not having to go out in the cold combined with
    2. my new fleece pyjamas
    3. yeh, I'm gonna say online shopping FTW!
    4. putting up my Christmas tree
    5. Getting a little blog award thingy, I've nominated you for one too :D



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