Sunday 19 December 2010

Five good things

Opening the curtains in the living room, seeing a snow covered world outside and getting just a hint of the excitement I used to feel as a child, Oooooh pretty snow. Right before thinking, brrr, not going out in that.

Deciding that we were "snowed in" and not going out shopping.

Mum saving be a big blob of marzipan from her Christmas cake.

Dad telling us that he'd played "better" at snooker. (He is taken out by a volunteer once a week and they usually go to a snooker club for a game and a beer. My Dad used to be captain of his local team many years ago and had a cupboard full of trophies. He thought he'd forgotten how to play).

Standing in the garden watching the birds eating the seed I had just put out.


  1. Big work project finished! Finally! Hooray!

    A nice birthday brunch for Alan with dear friends.

    Having a pile of fiction to settle in with.

    My new Snuggie (don't knock it 'til you try it.)

    First snow of the year.

  2. Love the first snow of the year and love staying inside!!!!

  3. My five good things...

    A job offer

    Husband coming home early from work Friday afternoon

    A weekend full of heavy rain

    Daydreaming of our new and bigger apartment with lovely views

    Mexican hot chocolate

  4. My five good things...

    - Realizing I am in plenty of spendable cash and getting items just like that, plus purchasing something for this patronly figure who had liked it last year (chikki!).

    - Getting startled at my own image in the mirror. How did I start looking like that.

    - A dinner out with DH and colleagues on Saturday night.

    - Loving the chocolate my bro got for me from the US.

    - Receiving a baby comb, onesies and tiny baby caps for Kaiser. I knew of the first two items, but the third was a complete surprise, and lovely!

  5. All of my siblings and their partners together in the one place last night. Never happens!
    A hot Christmas (lets hope the weather man was right on that one!)
    Mum, for helping me out of a pickle this week!
    Shopping for Christmas Day lunch. I do love to cook.
    A hot cup of tea right now as I catch up on three days of missed blog posts!

  6. Excellent!

    quitting part time job because my freelance work is so busy
    not having any freelance work this week, so i get a rest
    finally getting the tree up
    a visit to the chiropractor - creak crack!



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