Sunday 28 November 2010

Five good things

A beautiful sprinkling of snow on Dartmoor.

A hot water bottle, thick socks, a blankie and a nice cup of tea on a chilly day.

Making a ring for myself... (or at least part of it; I have to remake the bit I melted).

A good nights sleep.

Making my Mum happy by telling her that we will be spending Christmas day with her and my Dad.

What good things found you this week?


  1. The holiday market in the park
    Making headway on a big project
    Knowing that Alan is squarely in my corner
    Being able to run a little farther on the treadmill than I could last week
    Being two full years away from having o spend another Thanksgiving like I spent this one (tell you later!)

  2. A cooler day with drizzly rain, right on the verge of our coming hot summer...
    Three years married to my man...
    My old boy, Razz-cat, who is just my shadow wherever I am...
    A nice, new dress...
    My family - my mum, my dad, my sisters and my brother...

  3. Haven't been commenting much because I'm so behind on reading and want to catch up...but had to let you know I've been thinking about you and am continuing to do so and pray the colonoscopy goes well.

    Five, huh? It's been a rough week.

    I laughed a good bit with family for the holiday.

    My dog is sick, but the pepto bismol seems to be working!

    I'm getting better at figuring my camera out as evidenced by some pics I took!

    Not doing much Christmas shopping and most I am doing can be done online.

    And on that shipping!

  4. I got lots of b-day wishes on FaceBook.
    got b-day cards.
    Bea smiles.
    Bea. Bea. Bea.
    Kite flying on my birthday.



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