Sunday 21 November 2010

Five good things

Ah ha, I managed my list on a sunday!

Tasty tea for menstrual cramps instead of painkillers (recipe coming soon)

Making (bodging) a table top work bench all by myself (pictures coming soon)

New jewellery supplies (it's been a while since I made anything)

My Mum being better

Being enough for each other


  1. I met Carly yesterday, and I think that is enough for five good things!

  2. Oh, boy. Tough week for this one. Let's see:

    The beauty of the changing leaves.
    Making a friend happy.
    Going out to dinner with a group of people and actually enjoying it.
    Getting my old and sorry butt back to the gym.
    Knowing that I can sleep late one day this week.

  3. those are five very good things! Mine?

    antibiotics for my strep throat
    taking the day off work yesterday (since I had strep throat)
    some new scrapbooking supplies!
    a freshly washed day in anticipation of Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving! My fav holiday - and tha parents are coming.



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