Monday 8 November 2010

Five good things

Late again... maybe that's a good thing?

Autumn colours
Reading in bed in the morning.
Starling hunting at dusk. Not actual hunting of course. Just trying to see this amazing spectacle.
Drinking tea from our flask and watching the sea.
A little bit of hope

What good things found you last week?


  1. Planning a first birthday party. Never thought I'd see the day.
    Fresh fish for dinner last night.
    A lovely wedding on Sunday.
    Sun, sun and more sun.
    Mail! I love getting mail!

  2. Missed you yesterday!

    -Finding a book I wanted to read at the library
    -Getting a haircut
    -Getting 452 applications to the program I direct (having to sort through them-not such a good thing!)
    -True friends who are willing to talk through difficult moments
    -Having a day off from work this week.

  3. the shoes I've been coveting were on sale and are now mine.

    giving and receiving lots of hugs this past week.

    extra day off of work.

    I just have 3 things right now but the shoes are so cute they could count for more than 1.

  4. That my husband understood when I burst into tears at the end of my tether with the ILs staying!

    That we only have three more sleeps with a full house

    That everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in my house will have been ironed and put on a coat hanger by then!

    That this weekend I will surprise one of my oldest gf's at her 40th birthday party because I just happen to be in her area then (500km away!)

    For my sheeps. I love my sheeps :)



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