Monday 15 November 2010

Five good things

Late again, or maybe this has slipped into a Monday thing.

Having to get out of a warm bed on a chilly night to pee and coming back to find a Poppet on my side of the bed keeping it warm for me.

A cheque from the tax man.

Mum being ill again but not having to go into hospital.

Kitteh's falling out again and making up much quicker than last time.

Ray. Just because.

What good things found you last week?


  1. Waking up to find my dog snuggled beside me, head on the pillow, belly-up - absolutely and ridiculously adorable.

    Planting row upon row upon row of tulip bulbs and feeling somewhat hopeful about spring.

    A visit from the best friend I could ask for.

    Belly aching laughter as we visited with another dear friend and he told us stories from his oh-so-colorful life.

    The beauty that is my nephew.

  2. I tried last week to come up with five things and I couldn't so I didn't comment:( This week I am determined to participate.

    Leif is home safe and sound from Oregon
    A fun day taking a cooking class (Dim Sum) with a dear friend
    Forcing myself to do something out of my comfort zone
    Making plans for the future and not being terrified by it
    Salted Caramel macrons that Leif brought home for me from Oregon

    Thanks, Barb. I needed to do that.

  3. My house is nice and clean thanks to my MIL.

    My MIL has gone home again (TG!)

    Cooler weather and low humidity compared to a few days ago!

    My Razzy-cat, and his cuddles and purrs, especially in the mornings..

    The relaxing 'water views' at the front of our house that remind us that the drought is over!

  4. My five good things:

    Being back unscathed from a trip that ended with a bit of stress...

    Being back to a home and environ that I so like...

    Birdman feeling Kaiser for the first time...

    Mixing a plate of fruits and discovering I loved the taste...

    Knowing everyday...

  5. Freshly baked cake.
    A weekend away with family.
    Another weekend away planned with family for a few weeks time.
    Some Christmas shopping done - online! Yippee no shops!
    Tomato plants growing out of control!

  6. Getting things done

    Having musical accompaniment while getting things done

    Honest talks with good friends

    Getting a rare compliment from my boss that did not include snark

    Being reminded by this post to be grateful this week.



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