Tuesday 2 November 2010


We have moved back into our bedroom from the tiny back bedroom that we squished our kingsized bed into. finally.

Finally I can find my clothes; ah, that's where all my clean knickers have gone.
Finally that awful dirty yellow wallpaper has gone.
Finally, the lime green fireplace is white. We have our bed against it but really, lime green fireplace?
Finally the wardrobe is out of the kitchen.

Colours: Blue, chocolate brown and white, with a bit of cream thrown in for good measure.

Ray's side, untidy to start with... he he.. well that's unfair since I am FAR more untidy than he is. He just hadn't put his clothes away before I took the photo.

Ray bought this wiggly light for me as a gift when he first moved into my old flat over 3 years ago. It never went up but became a table lamp. Finally it's in it's rightful place (next to the stupid smoke alarm). The "arms" can be bent and wiggled around, it is very cool.

My side of the bed (the curtains really aren't quite as dark goldy-yellowy as they photograph) An Itteh bitteh happeh kitteh waiting to jump on the bed and snuggle on the blanket my Mum knitted for me and extended for us to big bed proportions by adding the blue and cream bands to the outside. The cats have been quite put out by all the building work and moving shenanigans but seem happy to have "their" bed back.

We haven't put the pictures back up yet because I'm enjoying smiling at the walls too much. I'm planning on painting a wall-blue tree silhouette on the white wall behind the bed but we ran out of paint so it will have to wait. BUT it's a much more peaceful and happy room now. (I have some sage from the garden drying to do the smudgy thing).

However. Outside the bedroom window there was this

 and this (bedroom window on left, kitchen window on right)
Two or three days of bang bang banging got the walls to this state.

And now there is this:

With half of one wall finished.

At 7am, just before the two workmen arrive, I get up and grab kittehs, kitteh food, flask of hot water, jug of milk, tea cups and tea bags and we shut ourselves in the bedroom while the two workmen scrape and tap outside our window. Fun fun fun. Weather permitting it should be finished in the next few days. And then when it's dry Ray gets to paint it.

And then our landlord and Ray will re-do the concrete path to the garden.

And then, finally, we will have our house to ourselves again.

Until they start on the hallway ceiling next year. (Not this year because our landlord is going off to India for three months. Nice for some eh?).

Going to sit in the bedroom now and smile at the walls.


  1. ooo it looks lovely, well done you :D

  2. WOW! What a face lift. Lovely! Our bedroom is begging for such treatment.

  3. It is all looking just marvellous!

  4. Your house looks so beautiful :) We have the same taste...I am thinking of redecorating our room with the same colours, and a tree silouette behind the bed too!
    The lounge room we just redecorated had some colours I know you'd love...you had a lime green fireplace, this house had lime green enamel painted cornice (crown moulding), a plaster ceiling rose also painted a lovely shade of lime, the walls had a different shade of green striped wallpaper, and then, to top it all off, a THIRD shade of lime carpeting. It was a sight! Now it's cream and brown :)

    I ADORE your light fixture!! I would love that :) We have a similar lamp, my partner calls it the "nemo lamp" :)

  5. How pretty! I love the colors, it's all so calming :)

  6. I love the lights...Ray has a great choice.

    The colour scheme is good too...

    Why has your landlord gone off to India - vacation, some spiritual pursuit or he has some family that he is visiting?

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new environs...

  7. I love the room renovation! That blue and brown together is one of my favorite combinations--very peaceful. I love the kitteh's appearance in the picture---what every picture needs, of course!!

  8. Oh~it looks so peaceful! Great job!



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