Saturday 13 November 2010

Carly Marie's Pie throwing festival

Ha, don't you just love our Carly!

I am honoured to be honoured.

So I would like to throw a pie at our lovely landlord who has been faffing about renovations on our home since springtime. Gaaaah get it finished already!

And I would dearly like to throw a very large pie at the universe for getting things so stupidly horribly wrong for so many lovely people.

Please click the image above to hop on over to Carly's page and join in with the fun.


  1. Throwing pies at the universe. I love this idea. Thank you.

  2. Can I throw a pie at my research guide? Not a brilliant idea, I suppose! :-)

    I read through your previous posts...and the 'one more time'... Go on burble! I could atleast put in a prayer or two for you and Ray to become parents...that much I will 'suggest' to God.

  3. i would like to join you in throwing a pie at the universe.



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