Wednesday 16 June 2010

Seven weeks four days*

Day long nausea.
The ginger tea isn't doing it any more, I don't feel sick when I eat but sadly constant eating isn't an option. Ice lollies work for a while and I'm now trying ginger snaps and acupressure points.

Any other suggestions?

I didn't get nauseous last time; instead I had vicious trapped wind (of the kind that makes you wonder if it's your heart) of an evening that made me burp so much that I would vomit. I'm hoping that particular symptom does NOT return.

Bad taste in mouth.
Ick, drinking lots and lots and lots of water... still ick... need to pee.

Yawning champion
There was a lovely Spanish lady who volunteered at the charity shop and had the most musical yawns I'd ever heard. I could show her a thing or two now.

Lazy bed staying
11am yesterday morning, yikes, and only because we needed to get some groceries.

Fruitless knicker/toilet paper checking
Looooooong may it continue. Not the fearful checking every time I feel a bit damper than usual; I'd quite like to lose that compulsion.

"Don't touch the boobs!"
[cat strolls across my chest in bed and begins pounding on my shoulder...] No really, they hurt... getoffff!

And seriously, isn't it all absolutely marvellous!

I keep reminding myself that I'm pregnant, can you believe it? Me?

*Until the ultrasound in 14 days which tells me that my own calculations are all wrong...


  1. My boobs KILLED ME until about three months along with both pregnancies. KILLED. I also got the bad taste in my mouth thing, and what worked for me was flavored sparkling water which, when sipped slowly while cold, also seemed to help a little bit with the nausea.

  2. I find the acupressure bands help. I got mine for few pounds in Aldi, but they have them in Boots too. It's a good sign that your hormone levels are rising, but I hope it eases for you soon :)

  3. Rest, rest and more rest. Peppermint tea was good for me (especially if delivered by doting partner!)
    And my word, this is all abso-freaken-lutely marvellous! Pinching myself daily.

  4. I get pretty nauseated in pregnancy. I am a huge believer in ice-y sparkling water with lemon and crystallized ginger. but i also have the eating makes the nausea go away thing, so that is why I gain fifty pounds each pregnancy. i found reassurance in the nausea is a good sign idea.


  5. Suffered all of these horrid things with all three pregnancies. I found that eating regularly was the only thing to keep the nausea at bay. Every two/three hours. I liked vegemite or peanut butter sandwiches for some weird reason. Liked in the sense that it would stay down anyway. Why aren't you able to eat regularly? That sucks.:(

    The reflux (bad taste in mouth) could probably be due to too much water. My ob said we are wrongly told to drink too much. Reducing my consumption helped a little but I am just one of those unfortunate people that gets awful reflux with pregnancy. It made me so miserable that the doc gave me pills and they made it bareable.

    Peppermint tea is iffy. Some people say it is not safe for pregnancy. It definately contributes to reflux. I drank spearmint flavoured green tea. Was wonderful.

    I never found ginger tea helpful in the slightest. :( A friend of mine swore that a teaspoon of bi-carb soda in a glass of water was helpful... I tried it once, was disgusting.

    I think it's great that you're having morning sickness, though I comiserate about the feeling sick part.

  6. My nausea subsided on its own....but yes...

    That taste in the mouth...

    Those sleeping spells in the afternoon...

    Those sore n****** 24x7....

    That frequent need to pee...

    It tells me what I am right now...Pregnant...and so are you!!!

    Guess what, I will have to wait for the u/s too....

    Take Care! Good Luck...

  7. Hi Barb,

    As I read your post I am grinning from ear to ear! Sorry you are feeling crappy... but, you're right, it is simply marvelous! So happy and excited for you.


  8. I just nodded my head through most of this (though the girls aren't sore yet--getting bigger, but not sore, thank least I can TRY to wear a bra still!)...the only thing really helping me with the nausea is wintergreen or spearmint gum or lifesavers. My OB said peppermint was the anti-nausea, but it's not cutting it for me, it's wintergreen or spearmint.

    I know that eating a little bit throughout the day is supposed to stave off the nausea, but I can't stomach stuff that often!!! SO...lots of fruit smoothies with protein and that's about it.

    But you are right--it IS marvelous and I'll take it and be thankful!!!! xoxox

    I'm eating tums like they are going out of style and CONSTANTLY doing mouth washes because it tastes like I've been sucking on quarters all day!!!

  9. I had the 'eating makes the nausea go away' too and I just ate fairly consistently for the first three months! I used the wristbands that Frustrated Fairy recommends too. I think they helped. x

  10. Have you tried sour things like lemon for nausea? When I had some decent nausea with my 1st daughter I would suck on sour candy and lemon drops and it helped.

  11. I just eat. I'm all belly and little baby, but if I get even slighlty hungry it's over. Head in the bowel! Not that I'm complaining :)

    7weeks4days!!! YAY! It feels like time is passing quickly for you from here so I hope it feels that way there too!


  12. i had deadly nausea w/ angel mae. i survived on cheese and vitamin water for about 3 weeks. it did the trick! awfully envious of you, my dear, in every good way! xo

  13. Nausea is the worst. I had severe nausea, the kind where I was losing weight at every OB visit, when I was pregnant with George. That lasted up until the week before we got the news about his heart. So that was a total of 23 weeks of nausea.
    The only way I could keep food (or water) down was to eat crackers even before I got out of bed. Then I would go back to sleep for an hour if I was lucky enough not to have the need to pee. So, maybe that would be helpful? Eat, then sleep?
    I hope it starts to get better soon.
    But at least with every wave of nausea it is a reminder of your pregnancy!

  14. I have to eat something very small every couple of hours. Ever heard of preggie pops...or smelling peppermint?

    Congrats! And hope that the glorious pregnancy keeps you sick and happy!

  15. When I felt my worst I would eat ice chips while sitting in my shower.

    I remember the yawns well :)

    So happy for you Barb xxxx

  16. Yay, big congrats!!! I'm so glad that your pregnancy is so far going well. I will be praying so hard that your baby is born healthy and full term.

  17. "And seriously, isn't it all absolutely marvellous!

    YES Barb, yes it is!
    Loving you!

  18. I'm still so over the moon excited for you I can hardly stand it :)

    I've been a horrible reader/ commenter lately - has anyone suggested Zofran yet for the sickness? I call it my "magic pills", it's the only thing that touched it. I was never sick with the twins. . . it totally completely sucks to be sick all day, but in a small way it was nice to have this pregnancy be different. .

    YAY! again!



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