Friday 11 June 2010


I phoned the hospital to book my 12 week scan and ask about an earlier one and why I haven't had an appointment through with the consultant yet.

"Oh, you should have had a letter... Ms P wants to see you at 8 weeks... [tap tap tap... takes details... tap tap tap] ah, she's away then, she's back on 30th June? How's 11.30?

I could have gone with another consultant but Ms P is The Big Cheese in the maternity department and knows my history (and my ladyparts) intimately.

But but but... I'll be 9 1/2 weeks. I've got to wait another 19 days!

I would have so liked an earlier scan just for a sneaky peek but as long as there's no bleeding like last time I suppose it won't make much difference.

I'm tempted to manufacture some reason to scan now but that just feels as if I'd be tempting fate so I will wait not so patiently.


  1. 19 days is a loooooong time...I think you should wait to be seen by a GOOD doc, rather than somebody who does not know you enough. But it would drive me nuts too to have been kept waiting all the extra dates, especially when one is on tenterhooks about the ute happenings...

    Good Luck!

  2. It's worth the wait for a doc who knows you, but I can't believe I'll have to wait 19 whole days to see Burble Baby!

  3. Hate that you have to wait that long but so glad that it will be someone who knows your history and will reassure you!!!!

  4. yes, i agree. wait for the big cheese. even though waiting is the worst. :( ticker please!!


  5. Damn! Not loving that, but will be here with you for all 19 days and beyond...

  6. Ugh! Is about all I can say to this. 19 days in pregnancy after loss world equals about 4.3 years.



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