Saturday 12 June 2010


Ray decided to take the ceiling down in the back room/George's never room/Little Poppet's room to be, the bathroom and the little hallway... We need new insulation and soundproofing.

 I wasn't allowed in, the dust you see. So I made tea and sandwiches.

Little Poppet will have a small room but with a nice view of the garden.

It feels good to be doing watching Ray do something to make a place for a new life. We never got around to it for George. We thought we had time. We'll decorate in neutrals and I can add my own paintings to babyfy the room later. I have lots of unused small canvases. I will just have to decide on designs.

Our living room had similar, although less violent, treatment a couple of weeks ago... carpet! We got carpet instead of the attractive but cooooold varnished floorboards.

From this sickly peachy colour.

To delicious iced coffee and chocolate (wallpaper on just one wall)

It's great having a painter in the family and a landlord very willing to put his hands in his pockets!

PS I got the ticker on my blog. I couldn't wait until after the ultrasound. (18 days and counting...) Our Little Poppet deserves to be celebrated.


  1. it looks lovely!
    celebrating Little Poppet with you.

  2. Gorgeous! And what makes me extra happy about this post is the idea of your painting.

  3. Wow! A lot of work!! It'll look great just like your LR.

  4. Thinking of you Barbara...keep relaxing and drinking tea. Your place looks great!

    Huge Hugs...Diane

  5. Celebrating with you! Your place is looking great :)

  6. Of course, I noticed the ticker first thing!!! Nagging works!!! ;-))))

    I love the way Ray is making that room so comfy for the baby-to-be. I love the colours.

    Barb...this is so WONDERFUL!!!

  7. I am SO glad you're celebrating! This is wonderful, and the changes so far look lovely.

  8. I love it! Your place is gorgeous. You and Ray and Little Poppet are gorgeous too! Xxx

  9. That wallpaper is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see Little Poppet's room!!!!!

    LOVE the are right! (S)he deserves to be celebrated!!!



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