Saturday 5 June 2010

Only 238 days to go.

I'm still pregnant, as far as I know.

I'm still feeling nausea much of the time but I've yet to throw up. Home made ginger tea is gooood.

My boobs are still reeeeeally sore and I wake myself up by rolling on them in my sleep. That's when I'm not waking up to relieve my bladder. Good signs.

I have been spotting off and on since I last posted. Light pink immediately after a poo and very light brown at other random times. None of it reaching my knickers (I'm now a toilet paper checking fool). The midwife isn't worried. The doctor isn't worried. I vary between panic, hope and fatalism. It isn't the same as the bleeding I had with George so I have to concentrate on the hopeful don't I?

I'm on self-imposed lazy sofa rest. I could get used to this.

Hopefully I will get an ultrasound sometime this coming week.

We told my parents on Wednesday. It feels as if each time we tell it's an act of almost defiant optimism.

Hey, I'm pregnant!

Should I get one of those ticker thingies?



  1. my dr was not worried about my spotting after, and like you it was only when i wiped n after #2 (sorry tmi) but later found out it was a Yeast Infection. I had NO SYMPTOMS that you see or hear about on tv other than that so maybe you can ask if its a possibility. I also never had one so i would not have thought that could be a sign....Love to hear your nauseous and peeing and your boobs hurt...its going to be allll worth it honey xoxo

  2. This is excellent. All of it, except for the sore boobies. Sorry about that.

    As for the ticker, I see nothing wrong with slipping one on your desktop in a quiet corner, and then when you feel good about it, adding it here for all the world to see.

  3. Breathe out every time I read an update from you.


  4. Actually,even the sore boobs are good. Glad to read this, and counting with you.

  5. I spotted and thought my period was starting when I was actually pregnant with my last daughter who is nearly 1 year old. Just thought I would share that it can be OK. So happy for you.

  6. Lazy sofa rest sounds wonderful. Sore boobs is a great sign!

  7. Get one of those ticker thingies! I really enjoy watching the baby float in that circle....and there are sooooo many to choose from.

    You are pregnant. That's the truth....but this baby deserves to be celebrated. I understand your trepidation.....but I hope that you become the queen of sofa-rest and have a healthy baby at the end of this pregnancy!

    Good Luck

    P.S. Go get that ticker thingy....NOW!

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep us all updated on all the pregnancy symptoms!

  9. yes for the ticker, absolutely!!

    lots of love to you


  10. Just delurking to let you know how happy I was to learn of your pregnancy and to say that lazy sofa rest is a great idea! My wonderful acupuncturist always wanted me to rest if I had any spotting or cramping. I, too, was a toilet paper checking fool. It can drive you crazy, but who can blame us? I say get the ticker thingy. It is great to be optimistic. I was always afraid to be hopeful for fear of "jinxing" the whole thing. But I would then say to myself, "Hopeful thoughts will not end this pregnancy." (My twins are now three years old.) I will be thinking of you and sending hope your way.....

  11. Hurrah!! I think it would be hard to juggle the excited feelings, and the cautious ones. Look forward to hearing more in your journey ;)

  12. It's hard not to worry, but I hope you have major bouts of happiness and hope in between the toilet paper checks.

  13. still pregnant is great!!!! hopefully you'll get that ultrasound shortly, and it will provide some more reassurance. i love sofa rest. thinking of you. xo

  14. Can't wait for your ultrasound (and am a TP checking fool as well!)

    I struggle with the ticker too...I want to...but dread having to take it down. It's just not easy, is it??

    Thinking of you!!!!!

  15. I just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy - I just came to your blog; I think you had been visiting my blog earlier today...just wanted to say hello.

  16. OMG, OMG, OMG!! I am so thrilled for you!!!!!! I haven't been around much lately and I missed the big anouncement!!! Shame on me :( But you have made my day!!!!! I'm doing the happy dance!!!!!! Wish I could grab you and hug you right now!!! I'm just sooooooo happy for you!!!! WooHoo!!!!!! You sit on that couch and relax & yes, go get that ticker!!!
    Much, much love to you!!!



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