Tuesday 1 June 2010


I met my midwife today.

She came on duty the evening after we lost George and brought him back in to visit with Rays mum and me. "That's your son". She visited us at home a week later and was so sweet. The same evening I was rushed to hospital haemorrhaging.

"Would you prefer to see someone else? I understand if it brings back bad memories."


It was lovely to see someone who remembered our son. Someone who remembered his name and used it lots. Someone who lifted him in her arms and placed him in my arms. Someone who saw his sweet little face. Someone who knew the enormity of our loss.

She hugged me and passed tissues, we filled in forms and chatted, and she wasn't the slightest bit worried about the spotting on Saturday (there's been no more). I explained that I intend to be a neurotic pest and she agreed on the plan and offered home visits whenever I need them a bit later on (hooray!). She is also going to poke the consultant and Early Pregnancy Unit about getting an early ultrasound (whoop!).

I feel so much better today and I'm enjoying it.

I'm even enjoying the sore boobs and the nausea.

One day at a time.

Quite a few to go.


  1. oh i'm so glad!

    i hope the early ultrasound is very soon.

  2. So pleased to read this post. Hold on, Barb.


  3. So glad you have that reassurance in her.

  4. She sounds lovely. That connection to George is beautiful. xx

  5. Stopping by from LFCA to offer congratulations! Your midwife sounds fabulous, glad you have someone with which you share a close bond & you can trust.

  6. Terrific. Glad you had a comforting and helpful encounter. This is good!

  7. Good, good news. So glad to hear it.

  8. Such great news. I'm sending all my best wishes your way, Barb. xo

  9. I'm so glad. She sounds lovely. Hope she can swing an early ultrasound for you x

  10. I hadn't thought about the fact I will have the same community midwife as before, ergh :S I'm so glad your one is lovely though :D

  11. It IS wonderful to have the people who knew you and your precious boy still remember you and to know your life and his made an impression on theirs, isn't it?

    Plus--these people KNOW what you've been through, so I feel like there's a greater commitment to helping you find a happier ending...

    So glad you felt reassured!!

    You're right--one day at a time, but there'll be a lot of them!! :)

  12. big hug from me, too. I love the smile in your face, Barabara. I'm not face to face with you, but I can see it between every single line, word, letter.


  13. Oh, Hooray! Sorry to have been a bit absent, but I'm here now, catching up and smiling to read this post. Sending lots of positive thoughts and good wishes.

  14. Hang in there Barb. We are here with you. And I was a mad pant checker... I had spotting and bleeding with all my babies - it's just more fliping stress! But try and breath - that's all you can do. Xxx



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