Friday 4 December 2009

I couldn't do it

I tried to put out my old 2ft christmas tree and got as far as securing it on the table from inquisitive kittehs and that was it. Tears. This should have been George's first christmas, not our second christmas without him. Bah bloody humbug.

I'll try to put lights on it tomorrow. I'm not sure how far I will get.

If we ever get another chance I'm going to get a whopping great 6ft needle dropping, marvellously scented real tree and cover it with lights, tinsel and the gaudiest, most colourful decorations I can find.

But not yet.


  1. I love a real tree. There's something about the smell that makes those bazillion needles worth the mess. Sorry you're missing George on what should have been his first Christmas Barb. It's such a lonely time of year. Sending you hugs...

  2. It's going to be a blue Christmas for all of us. Sending you HUGS!

  3. The first Christmas is really, really hard. I made some paper ornaments and a stocking for Aodin for the first Christmas, and I cried through the whole process. You just have to take it one day at a time and know you're going to cry a lot more and it's alright. George is with you both in spirit.

  4. Oh Barb. I wish it wasn't all so stinking hard and painful. Love you xxxx

  5. Sending you big hugs, Barbara.

  6. It's okay. Whenever - or if ever - you're ready. ((Hugs)) honey.

  7. We don't really celebrate thanksgiving or christmas but there holidays are so hard on us. We do not go out because the sight of families laughing together makes us want to cry - why don't we have a baby like everyone else? So we watch TV - but there is no escape from kids and parents - they are everywhere - and Sunil says "that is natural...everyone has kids"...but not us...we don't!!!



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