Monday, 21 December 2009


Beautiful Madison, welcome to a world of love.

Congratulations to your family and love to your big brother Nicholas for guiding you home safely.



  1. She is so pretty...sending her tons of love....

  2. She is such a beautiful girl! Sending her lots of love and best wishes!

    Lots of welcomes here lately, eh? Same here on this end of the world. I know how hard it is for me, so I'm sending you a big hug & reminding will be your turn one day dear friend! That's all I could tell myself as I watched baby after baby make it here safely. I just know day soon, it will be your turn! And we will celebrate to likes you have never seen before!!!!

    Your such an awesome friend to congratulate all of these new babies, while going through so much! You are a treasure beyond words!

    Here's a big, huge hug!!!!!

  3. I too believe it will one day be your turn Barb. Madison is precious, I am beyond relieved for Lea....Just wanted to let you know that my page has still not arrived, must be international mail and Christmas time holding things up. I will email you when it comes. Much love...



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