Saturday 5 December 2009

I did it... sort of

Well, I draped the tree with two sets of lights and it wasn't enough. So I dug out another set... that's six sets of fairy lights in our living room now, I think I 'm bordering on obsession... added some gold beads, all without crying and then I went for the tinsel...

... which is now decorating our living room floor, in bits, along with many other "adopted" cat toys that are dragged around and then ignored... meh, we'll hoover in the morning...

I think it looks just fine without tinsel don't you?

And still pretty with tears in your eyes.


  1. It looks beautiful, even through the tears. So glad you have a bit of light at your place this season. And, from the looks of it, so are the kitties.

  2. It looks beautiful with and without tears.

  3. good job! sorry it was so hard. glad you have your kitties to entertain and enjoy. no decorations at my place yet. can't bear it. abiding with you. xoxo

  4. Beautiful. I am now used to seeing things through my tears...sometimes this perspective adds to the beauty and sometimes it takes away from it. Hugssssss.

  5. Possibly even MORE beautiful through the tears ... and there are far worse things than a fairy lights obsession.

  6. It's beautiful. Both ways.


  7. water through my lashes look just like christmas lights....



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