Wednesday 23 December 2009

The ghosts of Christmasses past

I remember the excitement of christmas waaaaay back when I was a child.
Willing the snow to fall.
Peeking through the curtains in the hope of seeing a quiet white blanket. Oh the proper sound of snow beneath your boots!
One of our cats pulling over the christmas tree. A 6ft white sparkly one. Crash!
Leaving a carrot for the reindeer next to the fireplace and a mince pie and a glass of milk for Father Christmas.
Trying so hard to stay awake to catch a glimpse Father Christmas.
Waking to one present at the end of the bed on Christmas morning.
Waking our Mum and Dad at 6am or earlier, bouncing on their bed shouting, "He's been!!!"
Opening more presents from under the tree.
Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles squashed around the table.
My cousin asking someone to "pass the pee bowl" and it being a family joke for years afterwards.
Playing whist with my Nan and cousins after dinner.
Making exciting things with Leg.o.
The year I asked Father Christmas for a, "wallking tallking doll" and actually got it!

I so want to give those sorts of happy memories to a child of my own.

I wish it was George.

I wish.

I wish you all a happy holiday time, whatever your beliefs, whatever you are doing, whoever is with you or missing or far away. Breathe, love, enjoy.

I hug you all and thank you a million billion times for your presence in my life.

And our kittehs hug you too.


  1. Wishing it were George for you Barb. Hoping 2010 is your year, sending you hugs and wishes for peace this Christmas.

  2. What beautiful memories- wishing you much more snow to crunch in and memories to smile about. Wish it were all happening this Christmas. Thank you for making 2009 so much brighter- here's to a better 2010 for us all.

  3. Lovely memories, Barb~wishing you a peaceful Christmas Day, and wishing you your heart's desire in 2010. ((Hugs))

  4. i so, so wish George were here to make Christmas memories with...
    much love to you,

  5. Hugssssss. Hope this christmas brings you joy and peace. I wish your George was here tearing up the wrapping paper from his gifts. Sending him love and hugsss.

  6. Thank you for sharing those lovely memories!

    Happy, peaceful Christmas to you too.


  7. I wish it were George too. I really do.



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