Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A breath of air

We went looking for the snow yesterday.
It's all over Britain but there isn't any near our town so we drove up on to the high moors.
Any excuse.
We love Dartmoor
in all it's moods.

Expecting peace and quiet away from the utter insanity of christmas consumerism
and grumpy traffic jams;
we found people everywhere enjoying what was left of the snow.

How nice to see families using the holiday time to do what holidays are for:
being with family.
Not for shopping, excess and extravagance.

Today it's raining in our town and snowing heavily up there but we can't get at it because the roads in between are icy.

Some roads we decided to leave alone.

We turned and found a rainbow in the road.

We are going to catch one of them one of these days.

Yesterday I felt quiet, I felt the need to lean on a strong shoulder.
Ray went in disguise.
Goodness, I do look pale and worn out.
Almost threadbare.
I look like someone else.
Maybe I am in disguise too.
Insomnia of the tossing and turning type really doesn't help.

Having love written in the snow for me helps.

Writing George's name helps.

The beauty of the landscape around us helps.

Walking to the top of a hill helps.

Breathing fresh air helps.

Breathing helps.


  1. I LOVE seeing how you wrote George's name in the snow. And for wiw you look beautiful. My mother would say "pale and interesting" very Bronte (esque) perfect for the moors really. xxxx

  2. Beautiful and very serene landscape there...Every season is George's. Nice to see his name in the snow....

    You have to start sleeping more.

  3. Yes, breathing - a very good thing :)

    Thinking of you.

  4. It looks like a beautiful spot. His name is perfect in the snow.
    Praying for your comfort.

  5. Love and George's name written in the snow are so lovely to see. And that rainbow in the road, I've never seen anything quite like it. Sending love and peace. xo

  6. Lovely photos, Barb~the road rainbow is beautiful as is the love in the snow, and George's name~just lovely. Wishing you and Ray peaceful hearts this Christmas. Much love, xoxo

  7. What a beautiful place! I love George's name written in the snow.

  8. You and Ray look fantastic Barb and George's name in the snow is stunning. I love how you captured the picture of the rainbow, could it be a sign of things to come??? Hugging you

  9. George's name looks beautiful and I think you do too. Much love xo

  10. Gorgeous post, Barb. Wishing for a rainbow for you in the new year. Merry Christmas to you and Ray. And remembering George.


  11. Beautiful post. Love the pic of the rainbow in the road and George's name in the snow. Peace this season.

  12. I love George's name in the snow, and that rainbow... my, oh my.

  13. Gorgeous- I love those snow pics. Just enough snow to get you in that snowy picture. And George's name looks perfect there.



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