Saturday 4 July 2009


We let the cats stay in the bedroom with us last night and consequently didn't sleep a great deal.

2am. Purrrrrrprrrrrprrrrrr muuuuuummm, isn't it breakfast time yet?

3am. Lickscrapetug damn bandage, can't get at the tuggy bits of cotton.

3.30. Prrrrrpuuurrrrr purrr PURRRRRR daaaaad, moooove over will you?

4.00. Maybe if I lie on mum's face she'll get up and make us breakfast...

And so on...

Nope, no photos, I am so not looking my best...

You humans think you can stop me with your puny bandage. Any minute now I will be free...

Ha, and you thought we'd be quiet for a few days...

And introducing friendly Boris. who likes to be tickled.
(Unfriendly Lucy refused to show herself)

Rats are fascinating (for cats)


  1. Ah yes, they seem to be recovering nicely... too bad their recovery is taking so much out of you!

  2. Hope you sleep well tonight! Thinking of you & George...



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