Sunday 5 July 2009


We went to a car boot sale* today. It was more than usually full of people selling off their baby things. Prams, high chairs, cots, bouncy seats, toys of every description, car seats, amazingly lovely onesies at 50p each, anything you could think of and mostly good quality.

I look and I want and I want and I want.

And I want to need.

*You have things to sell? Fill your car, turn up on sale day, set up table next to car, arrange items, sell.


  1. I'm assuming the boot sale is like a flea market or group yard sale, where people just basically bring whatever and everything to sell. It never seemed to be anything but baby clothes when Peter and I were trying and trying... and never getting a BFP. When I was a kid, my mom and I would go to yard sales all the time and I enjoyed it until I was an infertile adult. I would try to convince myself why I should buy stuff.. just in case... but couldnt bring myself to. I eventually stopped going. I still feel awkward even looking at them as I drive by.

    I hope that soon you will need to buy them. Truly, I do. Sending you hugs...

  2. Car boot sales do seem to be unusually full of baby stuff lately!

    Like Michele, I hope you need to buy all these things soon. George's little brother or sister is going to have such lovely, lovely parents (and kittehs, hope they are recovered)

  3. Wishing that you needed to buy it and some more...

    Fingers crossed this month. I am no longer holding my breath as I will pass out.


  4. Big hugs to you Barb. Love you lots.

  5. I have a really big itch to go to some of my old favorite baby stores- but there's really no point, eh?

    Hope you need to go soon...



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