Wednesday 8 July 2009

2 years


We'd just been on the first of what were to become our many little adventures. A boat, a wander around, a ferry, a train. We spent 12 hours together that sunday and at the end of it I decided that yes, I think I do rather like this Ray chappy quite a lot and I think I'd like to be his girlfriend. After all he did pour his whole heart into letting me know how he felt and it only took him 5 months to get around to letting me know how he felt.

One week later he moved in.

One week after that we were engaged.

One year later we made George.

Two years later...

Not one word spoken in anger.
Lots of love.
Shared sadness.
Marvellous adventures.

Lots more to come...

I never thought it was possible to be this much in love.

I feel very lucky.


  1. He's a lucky guy that Ray xo

  2. So beautiful, Barbara. You both are very lucky to have each other.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Barbara!

  4. Happy anniversary to you both! I love days like this - ones that are overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Thinking of you both.

  5. ...celebrate this love! You are lucky to have found each other, and such a precious bond...

    Live through it together!

  6. Somehow having a great guy standing next to you as you wander through this storm, sort of makes everything a little more bareable. Congrat's on your anniversary. May you see many more!

  7. happy love day :-)

    big hug to you both
    xx Ines

  8. Beautiful. Happy "In-love" day!!!

  9. Love is such a beautiful thing!!

  10. Oh Barbara...congrats to the both of you on everything you share, and all that you will create.

  11. Happy anniversary- so glad you two found each other.

  12. Happy day, Barbara!
    And while you were doing that... Shane and I had moved in together a few months ago, gotten engaged shortly after, and right now were planning our huge bonfire engagement party to be held in three weeks two years ago. The innocence of it. We were married that November, made Ciaran in December and a year and a half later... here we are in a similar boat as you and Ray. No paddles. Trying to glide upriver, against the current.


  13. Its magic, this love that you have. xxx



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