Tuesday 14 July 2009

Birthday present giveaway.

I don't think I need any more birthdays now. 42 is quite enough thank you very much.

We had a lovely adventure today, we took my parents along for the ride and went to Lyme Regis. The forecast was for rain but it was sunny just for me. Yes it was.

And today I think I'd like to give away a birthday present. This is my first ever giveaway and I think it's about time.

If you yourself or someone you know would like a double tiny tag would you let me know in a comment and I will chose one with some random software thingy and make one for you or them and send it with love.

Oh and does any one know when you are supposed to feel all-grown-up? Because I'm so not there yet.

(PS, I'll let you know who gets randomised on friday)


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful gesture, my dear Barbara. That in of itself is a gift.
    I would have you make it for my Mom to honor my brother.


  2. How very kind of you... I will nominate my husband, in memory of his brother, Robert, 1980-1987.

  3. Beautiful thought, birthday girl. Since I have a gorgeous tag from you, I am going to hold off on nominating myself, and just send you birthday love and best wishes for a year of adventures.

  4. Oh Barbara - personally, I think if one ever feels grown up they have lost the 'zest' for life. You most certainly have not, and therefore will always be just perfect!

    Would love to enter. Emma Grace 9.8.00

  5. Happy Birthday! I'm glad it was sunny for you today!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Barbara - much love to you!

  7. I wont nominate myself, as you already made me a piece with love. But I will say happy birthday friend, and I for one hope you have many, many more. And I hope the next one is extra, extra special. (And I hope this one is pretty fantastic, too!)

  8. Happy Birthday Barb...as for feeling all grown up, that hasn't happened for me yet either. I still feel like a teenager trapped in a thirty-eight year old's body. How does that happen??? As for your giveaway, I would like to nominate myself!!! Calvin Zachary...11.16.08

    Much love!!!

  9. Welcome to 42! Yes, it's just another number. Big hug and lot's of love for you birthday, belated... Great you had a good time. Can you do something about the weather in general, too? :-P

    xx Ines

  10. I hope you got your happy birthday message on facebook, girl!
    And I'm glad you had a nice day... hope they only get better from here on in!

    You've made me a beautiful tag, but i would like to nominate for one for my husband in memory of his brother Brian (shall get back to you with the birthdate!) that he can hang with his Ciaran tags.


  11. Happy Birthday Barb! I still feel about 18 most of the time, maybe that is a good thing.
    Would you believe that I too have been on an adventure to Lyme Regis too? December 1996. Am sure it hasn't changed at all, such a lovely spot.

  12. Dear Barbara...much love! And hope you had a nice day!

    I would not offer anybody's name at all, and do not want this to be considered an entry...

    Just dropped in to *wave a big Hi!*

  13. I am going to nominate myself- I'd love one of your necklaces. Thank you so much- and hope you had a happy day!

  14. I'm a little late on this, but Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy birthday.
    Like they say you are only as old as you feel :)
    I am only 20 but some times i feel like i am 50 hehe.
    Such a beautiful idea.
    I would like to nominate myself.
    Eli and Jett 10/1/09

  16. Happy Birthday! I'm off to find you on facebook! xxx

  17. Happy Birthday to you!!! Sorry I'm a couple days late! Hope it was a good one for you.
    Love and hugs to you!!!

  18. Hi Barbara, I read every day but I dont often comment. Here I have the perfect incentive to leave one today. I will nominate myself for your giveaway. Thomas 29th Feb 2008. (it was a leap year).
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday trip, I hope 42 is a year of fertility and ripeness, and I hope 43 is a year that you will have an new person at the table.

    Happy birthday.

  19. me, me! I just had a baby girl to complete the family! I would love the tags to have my sons and my daughters names to celebrate & I would always wear it!

  20. Hi Barb!!
    I'm so glad your birthday was a special one! I'm convinced I will never feel grown-up! And I guess I'm cool with that!

    I'm going to nominate myself (hope I'm not to late). These tags are so beautiful!

    Our Emma 5/25/08.

    Much love,



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