Thursday 16 July 2009

Just a little request

No no, not those conception vibes, not just yet.

No, I want to ask any of you who have ordered or received a necklace or tag from me to take a photo of yourself wearing it!

I want to make a slideshow/collage for my shop and more importantly, I really want to see my little creations being worn by you lovely people!

If you'd rather not have your face in a photo, a shot from your chin down? Or ask me to edit it?


Thank you.

Click "send me and email" in the link bar above to send a photo.

Thank you.

And hold that conception vibes thought for a day or so will you?

Thank you.

And have you entered yourself or a friend in my giveaway?



  1. I'll get on to this little project tonight.....

    ps: vibes on their way....

  2. Dear Barbara, Alas, my mother is still holding the surprise...waiting for me to visit her in City I.

    With that happening, I have no mugshots of myself yet...BUT....I hereby solemnly promise to send in an adorable picture of myself with that beautiful tage whenever my mother reveals the surprise!


    P.S. Conception Vibes to be delivered on a certain later date. Posted already, but will reach you a specific date!



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