Sunday 19 July 2009

It doesn't matter.

I've said this a few times. Some people think it means that I don't care about anything.

It doesn't matter that we went to a not-so-great place for lunch. It doesn't matter that we spent too much on plants. It doesn't matter that my lovely china mug was broken (by a kitteh, tsk). It doesn't matter.

On the contrary, it means that I care deeply about the things that DO matter. That I have learned the hard way what DOES matter. That by losing my son I now understand that most of the petty annoyances and day-to-day things that bring us down or make us worry really don't matter.

Love matters.
Kindness matters.
People matter.

Oh I haven't got this down to a fine art yet but at least I know that when I start worrying/getting annoyed/etc I can tell myself that it DOESN'T MATTER and believe it. Or perhaps just start to try to believe it.

It's a valuable lesson, but one I would sacrifice in a heartbeat.


  1. I completely agree. I'm thankful for the lesson but would give anything to be ignorant and have my babies in my arms.

  2. "It's a valuable lesson, but one I would sacrifice in a heartbeat."

    Me too Barb, me too.


  3. Yes, exactly. Right there with you Barb.

  4. Exactly. I would trade all my newfound knowledge and perspective for Sam. Thinking of you & George.

  5. Yep - totally with you on this one. Still practicing, but I do find myself not caring deeply about many things that do not really matter but opening my heart fully to those things/people that do.

  6. Agreed!! It's like the rest of the world doesn't get it and runs around worring about silly things. Losing Sophie has made us all the more aware how precious life is and that you need to enjoy it rather than worry about it.



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