Friday 3 July 2009

Oh the guilt

This morning we took the itteh bitteh kittehs to the vets for... *gulp* ...neutering.

We couldn't go home and worry and wait so we went out on the moors to worry with the wind behind us.

When we got them home Sketch was fine. Starving but fine. Lix on the other hand was starving but not so fine. She was high as a kite on drugs and Ray spent an hour trying to keep her calm on the bed. Poor kitteh. She's much better now and we think she has forgiven us.

To add insult to the cattons injury we are rat-sitting for two weeks for Rays sister and brother-in-law and a couple of hours after getting back we had two huge cages set up in the living room with one very friendly non-biting rat and one not very friendly biting rat. Rats are cute but smelly although very interesting to slightly doped cats.

Pictures tomorrow but for now we've all had a stressful day and need some sleep.


  1. Poor doped up kitties. Don't feel guilty tho, they'll thank you for it later. xoxo

  2. Ugh, rats. You're very brave Barb, I would probably not sleep a wink with those things in the house...LOL. However, I do hear that if you have a rat in a cage, if you have mice, they will vacate the premises as they will not cohabitate with rats...Interesting.



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