Tuesday 19 May 2009

The "vibe" thing

I haven't had an awful lot to say these last few days.

I'd like to moan non-stop about my hormones but after a while it gets a bit boring.

I'm beginning another cycle with hope, in a week or so I'll be begging asking you to send those conception vibes my way again. Maybe I should explain the "vibe" thing.

I believe in the power of positive (and indeed negative) thought. I believe I can affect myself by thinking differently. I know this works for simple things because I can consciously send a headache away without drugs (I've managed it with period cramps before, however these days I require narcotics!). I also believe that if we sincerely direct positive/healing/peaceful thoughts someone's way it can affect them and when I leave you a comment wishing you peace, it's nothing fatuous, I'm consciously sending peaceful thoughts your way in the hope that it will help. So I figure if enough people send a bit more hope my way it might just work. It can't hurt can it?

So, dear reader, I crave your indulgence in this matter, i.e. I will probably continue to beg ask you to send conception vibes my way until we get a positive result and I hope you will. I will however ask you not to think of the actual act involved in the act of conception 'cos that would be entirely too weird. Or does mentioning the thing that I don't want you to think about make you think about it even more... *place hands over ears, screw eyes tightly shut* "Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala".


  1. I think your new layout is lovely. I will certainly be sending you great conception vibes, new babies NEED to come! It's the only thing that gives me peace and hope. So, it's selfish on my part...well, that and I think you would make a wonderful Mummy! You have such a sweet heart.

  2. I love your header. It is so cool with the handwritten notes. Awesome.

    And I am sending you many many good conception vibes. Right now, you can have all of mine, because I am not using them yet.

  3. I am sending you MANY conception thoughts....

  4. sending many good conception vibes your way (and can you send some my way too?)

  5. Sending vibes although I may not be the right person to send them as I seem to have a deficit of baby making vibes myself. Good luck!

    I like your new design.

  6. Sending you many, many, mucho, mucho conception vibes...which I too believe can create good mojo across the seas.... I will continue to think about you throughout this week and the next.

    Looking forward to poking around your new site.

  7. I will send you positive vibes whenever and however you need them. The blog looks great.

  8. Sending those vibes, and some to Monique, too, just because she asked nicely!



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