Thursday 7 May 2009

The couple that work together... again

I didn't post yesterday.

We were exhausted.

I've been playing decorators assistant again. We stripped and re-papered the living room of a cantankerous, money-grabbing, tight-fisted, picky, poor-me of an old lady who told us of all her ailments and tried to beat us down on price even after agreeing to it. By the end of the three days she seemed to think we were her bestest friends and we were invited around for a glass of wine. Neither of us drink.

We don't like wallpapering. We particularly don't like the fiddly bits.

We do like working together.

I think that bodes well for our future.


  1. I think that *definitely* bodes well for your future! Many couples can't do that at all . . . DH and I joked after moving in to our current house that we were definitely hiring movers next time - it'll be cheaper than marriage counseling :)

  2. Absolutely bodes well! :)

    "fiddly bits"...I really love that one!

  3. You two are adorable. And I missed you yesterday.

  4. Wallpapering sux - big time - removing it sux too!

    I don't drink either Barb :)

  5. A good sign...definitely...

    God Bless...

    And yes, I loved it!

  6. How cute! Glad you guys like working together.



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