Friday 22 May 2009

An adventure

One of our hobbies is searching for the perfect sunset spot.
Yesterday evening we decided to get high.

The air was clear.

It was stunning.

I started a fertility chant upon spotting an amusing penis-shaped rock.
What do you mean it doesn't look like a penis?
Oh dear, am I becoming obsessed?

The sky was awesome.

We rested for a while, drank tea and photographed shadows.

And then Ray got a little higher.

And the sun got a little lower.

And a little lower.

The colours were intense.

It was beautiful.

Not wanting to fall down the tor in the dark we got back to the car just before the light went, sat and drank tea from our sippy cups to warm us up. My hands ached from the cold. I wondered if we had got to keep George whether we would still be having adventures... well wrapped up adventures of course, and I think, hope we would.

I like to think we will have adventures like this when we have our second chance.

And finally.

Boob cat in his favourite balcony sleeping spot.


  1. These pictures are amazing, and I had a little giggle at the "ahem." And I'm thinking you will have wonderful adventures....xxxx

  2. Fun adventure! And the sunset was beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous Barb. Can you take me there some time?

  4. That rock definitely looks like a penis, I don't think you're obsessed at all (unless I am too). Your photos are beautiful Barb, it's hard to believe it was cold because the colours make it look so warm. I definitely think you will continue to have adventures when you get your second doubt about it. Hugs to you...

  5. Wow - you know how to find all the hot spots... of the fertility and sunset varieties!!

  6. The rock...definitely a penis rock! Hope that chant works a wonder for you. The pictures are so beautiful.

    Here's to many more glorious adventures for your family!

  7. Great! Boob cat? LOLOL...the pictures have come out beautiful, and yes, there really is a p visible there...!

  8. So, I thought it was MOTHER nature...sorry ya'll, she looks like a dude! Love the rock... I'll leave out the comment about it being rock hard. Oops... or not. LOL! Thanks for sharing. I had a really crummy day and I laughed out loud so hard my husband insisted on knowing why!

  9. I am so jealous..... those photos are stunning and I'm sure the pictures don't due the experience justice!

    Yes, looks like a penis... definitely :)

    Love the "boob" shot.

    Thank you so much for your comment on Nicholas' Touch.

    "We Two, How Long We Were Fool'd" - I absolutely love this poem.. so pure and simple.


  10. Wow!! I just loved this post! What gorgeous photos and I love the arty perspective :-) Really enjoyed... thankyou for sharing xx

    Oh and I also say it's a penis rock, but there is a very good chance that I am equally obsessed!



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