Thursday 14 May 2009

Photo opportunities

"Cor, have you seen the bargains here? Let's get the two legged cats to take us shopping..."
"Pfffftttt... will you just move that so I can bite your tail..."

"Pssst... do you think we can get her to stop moaning about her hormones?"
"Duno, but isn't that a bit of toast under your paw? Can I have it?"

"Oh our life is so hard, we toil at entertaining those two legged cats and they won't even leave us alone when we sleep... oh woe is me... hey, are you listening?"

And because the lovely Seraphim asked... here is my up to date Pandora bracelet. I see those advertised that are themed or colour coordinated but each of my charms except the baby shoe and the safety chain was chosen by Ray because he liked them, or they said something to him about me, and so I think my bracelet is the most wonderful one you will ever see (of course you won't think that if you have one of your own but meh, like I care...) I chose the baby shoe just because; it has a little blue stone in it for a boy. I'd like to have another one day, blue or pink, I don't mind. You can see how the bracelet looked last year in November here. We've come a long way since then, me and my bracelet. I wear it all the time; I sleep in it, bathe in it and... er... do other stuff in it. There's a new curly clip next to the red bead and a new starburst clip next to the silver heart. They stop the beads moving about so much. Ray tried to get me to choose them but I made him do it. It makes it more precious.

And finally.

Oooh I couldn't resist this. Don't tell him will you! He put his sun hat on today because the backlight from the window was making his game too hard to see and he needed to shade his eyes.
That'sa ma Poppet!


  1. I <3 your kitties, the pics, your Poppet playing video games in a hat, Fabulous!! Beautiful bracelet, I love the stories behind the charms.

  2. Beautiful, Barbara. Much love to you.



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