Friday 8 May 2009


We went for a drive to nowhere in particular this evening.

The full moon was huge and the sky was sublime.

I felt the sense of calm and optimism that has been missing for such a long while sneak a quick look in. I'd really sort of quite like it to hang around for a bit longer.

By the time we got back it was dark.

And the calm had gone. Maybe we need to live in the car.


  1. Beautiful pics, hoping for calm for you and Ray always.

  2. Living in the car isn't a terrible idea...but gas might be an issue.

    Glad you caught a calm moment.

  3. You have a gift with both your words and photos, Barbara. Always a pleasure to visit here.

  4. Photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them and your thoughts.

  5. Sublime...your words are poetry. And with the's perfection. You are truly a gifted artist.

    Today, one of my preschool students grabbed my necklace. I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for a second or two. I decided I better have it inside my shirt while I'm teaching. :)

  6. Beautiful photos!

    Your living in the car idea made me laugh - I'd like to do that with my garden because that is the only place where I get that sense of calm. While I guess you can't stay in the car all of the time you can take drives daily.

  7. Those pictures are amazing...

  8. Beautiful photos, Barbara. Much love to you & Ray.

  9. I too admired the full moon whilst I was at the beach the other night Barb.

    Living in a car.... hmmmmm

    I could do it for about 2 hours lol



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