Saturday 9 May 2009

Kittens noses

Are terribly adorable

Even when they have ground in food in the corners.

And especially when resting in between epic battles against the hordes of scrunched up paper balls that have invaded our living room.


  1. Your kitty has a little harlequin nose! Abby Dabby, our Tuxedo Manx has a paper balls all through our house too!

  2. I just want to honk them lol

  3. So cute! I keep forgetting to tell you we have been caring for a tiny kitten at work for the last week. She came in with eyes closed, only a week old! After lots of feedings and love, her eyes are open and she is getting fat! Probably a couple weeks old at this point and just so cute! Not mine though - I'm a dog kind of person. I am happy to take care of the baby while at work, feeding her when she cries and loving her gently.



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