Sunday 27 March 2011

Five good things

Finally getting paid for the order of 11 tags: with just enough time for me to make them.

Resetting my opal ring and making it look nicer rather than ruining it.

Taking kitteh Lyx to the vet and the vet saying we don't need to spend £150 to get her teeth cleaned and scraped... yet.

Michelle's happiness at her custom pendant.

Ray's hold-me-tighter hugs.

Please join in: What good things found you this week?


  1. 1. Sunday morning toddler cuddles
    2. Woodchuck Amber hard cider
    3. Good friends
    4. Pedicures
    5. Large coconut iced coffee

  2. 1. NCAA tourney
    2. less than 3 weeks til vacation
    3. nephew hugs
    4. signing up for writing workshop
    5. bread and cheese and wine at pub

    can we see a pic of your opal ring?? xo

  3. Mine are always food related!
    Fresh figs off a friend's tree.
    Roast pork with crackling on Saturday night for dinner.
    Home made apple pie by yours truly to go with the roast pork.
    A clean home.
    Husband home for four days running.


  4. Being treated like family by a dear friend
    Getting back to the gym (I'm trusting that this will eventually feel like a good thing).
    Getting some much-needed feedback that made me think.
    A trip to my favorite museum (where I bought your Buddha board).
    Chocolate scone with berries and spiced cream.



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