Monday 14 March 2011

Five good things

Late again... you know it reminds me, I always often sometimes got into trouble at school for handing in my homework late. And I set myself this task so I'm not quite sure who I'm rebelling against now!

Anyhoo, 5 good things from the last week.

An order for 13 tiny tags that will keep me busy for a while and put a few pennies in the bank.

My new blow torch; hotter, smaller and yes, I am a tool geek.

My Dad remembering and talking about his brother and sister.

A calm-but-firm phone call followed by a refund and the satisfaction of a well written email complaint. Ha! Bad customer service people, take that! Pffftttt!

The promise of a takeaway from our favourite Indian restaurant.

Please join in; what good things found you last week?


  1. Ooh, easy this week!
    Seeing Belle & Sebastian last night, times five!

  2. But....what are on earth are you doing with a BLOW TORCH! lol!

  3. I love that you are excited about a blow torch!

    My good things from last week are:
    Clearing a bunch of stuff out of the garage
    Giving testimony before state Senate
    My cuddly boyfriend :)

  4. OK- let's see here:

    Taking a class on the weekend about something that didn't have to do with psychology or infertility.
    The end of Alan's dreadful cough.
    A good book.
    Finally cleaning the apartment. sort of.
    Getting past the shame hurdle and calling a friend I hadn't spoken to for a year and a half.



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