Monday 21 March 2011

Five good things

Uh oh it's Monday, shouldn't I have done something yesterday? Ok it's official, I am useless at setting deadlines for myself.

Ray's Meniere's attack not being too bad this time. (If it even IS Menier's. Testing, testing).

Calming a lady's nerves while she was waiting for an MRI while I was waiting for Ray to come out of his MRI (see above).

chocolate pudding. Aaaahhhhmmmmm.

Making a necklace for a babylost mum.

Spending Sunday in the garden with Ray enjoying building a bigger, better jewellers bench together.

Please join in: What good things found you last week?


  1. Catching up with the wonderful Carly again, and other lovely BLMs at the Heartfelt exhibition (
    Lazy I know, but this certainly takes up five spots again!

  2. I hope Ray is feeling better now.

    I finished a lot of pending cleaning this week.

    I started Kaiser's register (just a notebook) and am currently copying the letters I wrote to the baby. And I got ideas on what else I will put into it.

    Putting down in writing the end-sequence of the pregnancy. And understood how Kaiser was so me.

    Finding out that I can be with other people's babies and not bawl out.



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