Wednesday 16 March 2011

Dear Hormones

Thank you for calming the f@ck down and getting back into line.

Jenni's comment on my gloomy post made me stop. And blink. Of course, my hormones went screwy last year in early March. Around George's due date. Mean.

If sore boobs for 5 weeks wasn't bad enough, two periods in one month just was not funny you know. Not even a little bit.

But we'll move past that shall we and I'll promise to stop holding a grudge if you promise to keep to the straight and narrow. Mmmkay?

Good. Now that's all sorted out, if it's not too much trouble, could you do me just one teeny itsy tiny weeny little favour..........hmmm??


  1. Glad the hormones are behaving. Now could they have a chat with mine? Missing you, Barbara.

  2. Hoping the bonky hormones get disciplined. And I hope the disciplining does some wonderful things.


  3. Great news that your hormones have settled down. They really can be so unruly (mine are all over the place!).

    (((hugs))) and wishes for beautiful things for you!



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