Sunday 6 March 2011

Five good things

Oops, a bit late on this one.

Final polishing on a custom order this morning.

A sweetly singing robin waiting patiently while I put out scraps.

Cheering my Mum up after a difficult day.

A posh new blow torch soooooon.

A festival of junk food in our living room. *brrp*

Please join in. What good things found you last week?


  1. A huge multicultural street party on Sunday with lots of yummy foods.
    Summer returning for a few days. We're not done yet!
    Roast lamb.
    Long showers.
    Getting some work done and knowing the pay cheque is coming next week!

  2. a lovely weekend with my sisters
    coming home to an amazing welcome from my husband, even though he was out at work
    sunshine, even when it's cold
    my bulbs starting to flower and reminding me that spring is close
    my sister's husband buying me a tiny pressie on my way home that made me smile (a kitchen timer in the shape of a bomb!)

    thank you for doing this every week - i stop to think of mine, even when i don't post them here.




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