Friday 29 January 2010

Bird brained

Many of you have written about a particular creature representing your lost little one. Butterflies, ladybirds, birds etc and I have always liked the idea of George visiting us in animal form but never really thought that much about it. Until recently.

We have a few robins living along the row of back gardens and they often sit on the fence and watch us when we are gardening Ray is gardening. Of course it's something Robins are well known for doing; they have learned to wait for you to turn the earth and expose something juicy for lunch. They had a veritable slugfest after we Ray cleared our back back garden.

Lately, it seems that nearly everywhere we go a robin or two pops up to greet us... Of course we're never carrying bird seed or slugs with us on that day but they edge ever closer in hope.

And so I have decided that George is sending these little messengers to tell us that he is around, and could we please feed the birds in the back garden.

Tomorrow I will be mixing seeds into melted lard (yuck yuck yuckity yuck) for our back garden robins... and blackbirds and thrushes and wrens and finches... and squirrels.


  1. peanut butter is so much less smelly for bird seed mix, and it sticks wonderfully. Glad you have those sweet robins to remind you of your little boy blue, I love those tender mercies

  2. I love Robins - such cute busy little birds. What a wonderful messenger of George's spirit!

  3. I have never associated any animals with Levi, but after my Dad died, my sister saw owls with an eerie frequency. I would love it if Levi came to me as a Robin~such lovely birds!

  4. I have similar thoughts to you when I see the robins in the back garden. You took amazing photographs of them, wow.

    It's funny how we have the same visitors. wrens, blackbirds, finches, do you have an variety of tits, too? There are no sqirrels, but we have hares and foxes, though I don't think they care for bird feed.

    I love swallows, the way they race through the sky on a summer evening, or how they flock in autumn to head south. I put my bird feeders out when it got cold last year and it been refilled quite often.

    xx Ines

  5. I can absolutely see this- something in the way it's cocking its head. What a lovely little messenger.

  6. What sweet little birds. Your robins are much different than ours here in Canada, it's interesting for me to see the differences. It's funny that you should post this Barb, because I have been thinking or trying to find something that I associate Calvin with but nothing has come to me as of yet. It's wonderful you've found your messenger. Thank you so much also for your sweet comment on my blog, I think you're pretty wonderful too. Hugs

  7. For me, it's snow that's a reminder, not an animal.

    The robins are so beautiful.

  8. Barb - so glad you find comfort in the Robins visit. When it snows, we get visits from 'dark eyed charcoal juncos' - my husband calls them 'white bellies'. They remind us of the birds in Kara's nursery and on her headstone, and they remind us that she is all around us. much love to you and Ray. xxoo

  9. Wow Barb!

    That is beautiful! SO BEAUTIFUL!


  10. Robins are such dear, busy little birds. What a lovely reminder of your George.

    I'm sure the birds will appreciate your endurance of the horror that is lard! Hope the squirrels don't get too greedy, I always seem to be chasing off pigeons from my bird food. They just gobble everything given half a chance and leave nothing for the littlies! x

  11. I am glad that the robins remind you of George. I am sure they will appreciate the food you will give them!

  12. i love that George is sending these beautiful little creatures your way xx

  13. Lovely little birdie pictures...beautiful. :-) Thanks for sharing these. I need to go out in our backyard and really pay attention to what's there. I tend to get so caught up in other things that I forget to notice natural things, and what may be being sent my way. :-)

  14. Oh, they're darling! And, as Margaret said, so different from North American robins. They look smaller and more delicate and just cuter - a perfect messenger for George. This winter we've had a cardinal as a regular visitor at our feeders for the first time. I've met a couple of babylost mamas who associate cardinals with their babies and when the cardinal visits us I think of them and feel less alone. And I associate ladybugs with my Sierra.

  15. You know I love it :)

    Confession: I used to *hate* birds. As in, they seriously creeped me out. But then the twins, and then their song, and then one thing lead to another . . . yes, it makes me smile to see birds in our backyard now. So glad for your smiles too.



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