Saturday 2 January 2010

Two year bread

On new years eve we decided to stay in, or rather we decided not to go out and find some fireworks to watch from a distance; staying in is the cosy norm.

At 10.30pm I decided to make some bread. Yes, what an exciting life we lead. Ah but not just any bread; bread that would travel from one year to the next. No knead bread that rises over 18 hours. Have you ever tried it? Slopped the ingredients around in a bowl and left them in a warmish place away from inquisitive kittehs.

On new years day we drove into Cornwall to Looe. (about an hour and a half away) And so, apparently, did everyone else. It was as crowded as a summers day but not quite as warm.

Fortunately Unfortunately, as we got to the beach the people were starting to leave with the sun.

About 5pm and it was time to hit the road before the frost did.

Almost home and we had to stop and take some photos of the orange moon.

It really was this colour.

While we defrosted back at home, I let the bread have it's second proving and then baked it whilst...

Puurrrr! I needs some fussin, not that silly laptop.

Hmmmm... I say wasn't that the oven timer?

No? Oh well, now that you're distracted... just around the neck please...

A little later...
It smelled lovely.
It looked good.

Cor. I think this might be the best bread I have ever baked.

And I gave up any pretence (in my head) that this bread was a deep symbolic connection between the year gone and the one to come and simply enjoyed saying, "Would you like some bread? I made it last year but it tastes fine"

And it does. Taste fine. Indeed.


  1. I love the idea of the bread baked last year and eaten in the new.

    Those pictures are gorgeous. Especially the moon and the town in sight of the water.

  2. Yum scrumdidlyumtious!!

    Care to send me the recipe? That looks beautiful.

    Yes, the weather has been spectacular over this side of the Irish Sea, too. Our roads are too snowy/icy to risk any trips to the sea or anywhere else for that matter, we slipslided to the shops a few hours ago and I was so glad we made it without a scratch or bump.

    Happy New Year to you Barb, you now what I'm wishing for, for you and me. Soooo much.


  3. Wow, that bread looks amazing! I love hearty baked bread - deeeeelicious!

    Happy new year to you.

  4. Cor, I could go a slice right now! Recipe please?

  5. Oh wow, looks incredible!! And I am always amazed by the amazing places you live and visit. It must feel like vacation all the time :)

  6. Barb, what a cool idea, I love it and it looks delicious. And that orange moon is stunning, never seen anything like it!

  7. Oh yummy. My mouth is watering. What a good idea to bake in one year and eat in the next.

    And Cornwall is so beautiful. I'm still trying to come up with a scheme that will allow my family to move down there.

    May 2010 bring you and Ray much peace and happiness xo

  8. Sounds like a beautiful night - not boring to me at all. Your photographs of Cornwall are stunning and the ones of your cat are hilarious. Such personality! I'm adding my plea for the recipe. You musn't taunt us all with mouth-watering pics of bread without providing the recipe for us to try ourselves.... Hoping for you in 2010. xo

  9. such beautiful shots. that bread has my mouth watering... mmmmmm carbs.



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