Wednesday 13 January 2010

Coming apart at the seams

Well dear reader, I am feeling a little less hormonally challenged today, you'll be pleased to hear. I have had my monthly moan and groan and now I'm mustering the strength for another cycle of hope.

However, to add insult to injury... or maybe injury to insult... although I'm not sure where the insult lies... unless the insult is to my psyche...

Anyway, having seen Dr Compassion today and doing my customary burst of tears as soon as I sit down, "No we're not pregnant yet. Yes, I feel like crap about it". I mentioned that my shoulder had been hurting. Quite a lot actually but only when I try to put my arm up in the air or my hand behind my back or lie on my left side or...

Well the upshot is I've damaged the ligaments in my shoulder and I need a cortisone injection or physiotherapy. Hmmm.... physio please! I have no idea how this happened, my shoulder just started hurting one day and didn't stop.

So next week I am seeing an orthopaedic surgeon to discus my crunchy arthritic toes and now a physio to discuss my shoulder. The following month I'm seeing a fertility nurse to discus my ladyparts and at some point I'm seeing the mental nurse to discus my mental state.

I think that's enough now oh magnificent and marvellous universe. Enough balls in the air. Enough appointments to remember. Enough parts misbehaving. Enough. Mmmkay?

The good news is that my plantar fasciitis is more or less healed. Whoop.

You may have noticed that I have changed my blog about a bit yet again, it isn't finished yet but do let me know if there's something not working.

If by any chance the comments aren't working please email me and let me know.

I would be particularly interested in your opinions of my new, "about me" link, oh
go on, have a read.


  1. I love the "about me". The picture is beautiful.

  2. hey, lovely! i love your about me. It's brilliant!!! Absolutely brilliant!

    And I'm glad you went back to three columns :-)


  3. I'm having difficulties with the comment box, the word verification isn't fitting to my screen properly... I'm using safari though... which can act up at times.

  4. I'm sorry your body is being a putz! I'd kick its arse, but that might start acting up too! LOL! I hope you start getting put back together again.

    I like the new look. I haven't noticed anything not working yet.

  5. I'm sorry about all the "bits" and I can't see much here right now. Except your gorgeous George. x

  6. your "about me" photo and story is lovely. i'm sorry your body is not cooperating with you :(. here's to the hopeful part of the cycle! ((hugs))

  7. I like your "about me" page. The picture and words are very powerful.

  8. I really like the about me page. That picture is so awesome. Well, at least one thing is healed. Let's hope the rest takes notice and catch up.



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