Thursday 21 January 2010

Two toilet rolls

It's getting closer to OVULATION TIME now and I am wondering how we'll manage the deed with drippy noses and very little enthusiasm for anything other than non-blocked doses. "Hey Poppid, by righd dostril is clear! Woo hoo achoo!"

Ok, here's the thing.

IF I ovulate on schedule and IF we managed to get pregnant this month and IF I managed to keep the baby safe inside my belly until it was ready to be born ALIVE 
THEN our due date would be VERY close to George's day.

HMMM, and how would we feel about that then? Well, due dates are only estimations and I won't can't take the chance of missing a chance to conceive and some perverse part of me would really like to give birth to a living breathing screaming baby on that day because then it wouldn't be just a day of death and at least we wouldn't be following the same timeline. The point is, I think, that I wouldn't be 20 weeks and 5 days on that day.

Anyhow... I'll process all that if I have to and dear Universe I would very much like to have to process thoughts like that if you don't mind very much thank you.

IN THE MEANTIME If you have a moment over the next few days please  ZAP us with some super energised, clear nosed conception vibes!

Because I have to hang on to HOPE don't I?

Oh yes, two toilet rolls? One each. A whole toilet roll each for drips and blows and snuffles over the course of two colds x 2 people.

Dads enuf dow. I'b doroughly fed ub wid habing a code id by dose.



  1. Oh, do! The dreaded code in the dose! Sending you both green tea, amorous thoughts (about each other, I mean) and all the best baby vibes I can wing across the pond.

  2. Sending the very mostest clear nosed conception vibes that I can possible summon. ZAP! Hope you and Ray feel better soon, it's so rotten having a cold. x

  3. Some more coming from my way, too.


  4. clear nose (√)
    baby vibes (√)

    ZAP x 2 (√)

  5. More vibes, zooming over the earth...NOW!!!

  6. lots of vibes for good health and a happy ovulation day!

  7. Sending baby vibes! And a few to clear up the congestion!!

  8. Sending all of my conception vibes to you xxxx

  9. Sending baby making vibes your way right now!!!!xx

  10. Sending you many baby-making vibes...and some menthol for the sniffles.


    Love you and clear nostrils to all! xxxx

  12. sending you lots of good vibes and keeping my fingers crossed for you! hope you're both feeling better soon!

  13. Nasal congestion sucks. Hope you're feeling better soon and that this is your month!

  14. sending good baby vibes. however, sending them with a stuffed nose of my own. know EXACTLY what you mean about the timelines and the due dates and the head games. xo

  15. Come BABY come .... Hoping for you.

  16. Oh that sounds miserable, I'm so sorry honey! Hope you're both feeling better soon. Sending all my vibes your way :)

  17. Oh Barb! I sooo get this one. I'm now in the two week wait to find out if I am pregnant with a baby due on her EXACT due date - like to the day same time line. I couldn't let a month go by without trying. While the cramps I am feeling right now aren't making me feel too hopeful, my fingers are still tightly crossed that we can BOTH sort through those feelings together and have full-term, healthy, October babies. Toes crossed too!

    M xoxo

  18. Sending down huge amount of positive vibes..... Also hoping that the cold and cough goes away completely...

    All the best!!!

  19. Hello--
    I can tell you that the prospect of a rainbow at the birthday/angelversary of your child is hard, but it does bring hope for the day. I will be delivering my rainbow on 2/22. My daughter Sylvia's day is 2/26. It will one year since we held her on that day. I think of having another baby around that time as Sylvia's way of sending me a special present for her day. She doesn't want me to be alone...That is how I'm getting through this. It is hard thinking that last year this time, I was at the same exact stages with her as I am now. Good luck! George is watching over you choosing the perfect child for you!
    --Beth H.

  20. Hey Barb,

    Just to let you know you and Ray are in my thoughts. Wishing you all your hearts desire!

    Diane R.



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